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Global Classrooms DC Annual Report


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2019 - 2020 Report Highlights

In the 2019-2020 academic year, over 900 middle and high school students were impacted, learned about, and discussed a variety of international issues through GCDC programing.

39 volunteers, 91 educators, and 44 groups and schools participated in and supported the program coming from schools and groups in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area and outide the area in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, the Cayman Islands, China, Lebanon, and Vietnam.

GCDC also held multiple conferences and events including the Fall Model UN Training Conference at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and a three-day Model UN workshop at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School.

On March 17, UNA-NCA announced that, due to increased health concerns, the Spring 2020 Model UN Conference would be cancelled, which was originally scheduled for April 21. GCDC had hit nearly 80% of total capacity for the conference, the largest registration surge by February in recent program history. In light of the cancellation, GCDC used distance learning resources to coordinate Virtual Model UN sessions with students from Cabin John Middle School and Ronald Reagan Middle School who already prepared for the Spring Conference and organized a professional development session for educators. Additionally, we coordinated with different partners and promoted their work throughout the spring semester, especially as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Global Classrooms DC Program Overview

The Global Classrooms DC (GCDC) program prepares DC-area students to be college-ready by graduation and better equips them for the demands of a globalized work force by participating in Model UN Conferences, workshops, and in-class simulations. Using Model United Nations (MUN) as a vehicle, students improve critical thinking and research skills, explore international issues, and engage in collective problem solving. 

The GCDC team creates original curriculum resources for the topics discussed at GCDC’s Fall and Spring Model UN conferences and as prep for realistic simulated discussions in their classroom; works with educators to support implementation of programming into their classes and extracurricular clubs; and pairs groups upon request with Model UN Mentors and individuals from UNA-NCA's speakers bureau who can help with conference preparation and can serve as an example of how Model UN can help students after high school graduation.  

You can click here to learn more about Global Classrooms DC, and you can also read our 2019-2020 Annual Report to learn more about our program.