Rajesh Gupta

Rajesh is a veteran in the IT industry, having served as President of DMI’s IoT & Analytics Division (formerly Lochbridge acquired by DMI in May 2017), Global Head & Industry GM of Automotive Sector at CSC and Head & GM of Client Services at Infosys. He has driven exponential client growth by leveraging underlying advanced technologies, such as data science, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, cryptography and IoT in the context of clients’ environment. He also served as the Deputy Director of Defence R&D for the Indian Ministry of Defence. Over the years, Rajesh has gained valuable experience as a global business leader in business transformation, P&L management, strategy, business development, and corporate social responsibility. He has been instrumental in pivoting the companies towards a strategic foundation and building a strong partner eco-system. He has, and continues to be, a driving force in strategic, relationship, entrepreneurial, content and operational leadership.

He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and a post-graduate in Management from Birla Institute of Management Technology. He holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technology and a Master’s Degree in Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Vision Statement
UNA-NCA is a not-for-profit organization that has been at the forefront to improve the collective wisdom at United Nations by working with the decision makers in the UN as well as the US for important humankind issues like nuclear non-proliferation, global health, conflict resolution, dignity in living for all across the globe, etc. There is a lot which can be accomplished in all these areas by selfless contributions to benefit society and humankind. With my experiences in both government and corporate world and a strong focus on technologies, I believe that we can help bring the much desired change in today’s world through continuous innovation and incubation of new ideas. I will dedicate my efforts to work with the UNA-NCA team and the partner eco-system for the sustainable development and to advocate and reach for the young professionals to help accomplish the noble mission of the organization.