Ellen McGovern

Ellen McGovern has been a member of the UNA-NCA since 2010. She has been an active participant on both the Advocacy Committee (2014-present) and the Sustainable Development Committee (2015-16). Ms. McGovern participated in and arranged several Advocacy team meetings with Maryland’s Congressional Delegation and others on Capitol Hill. While serving on the Sustainable Development Committee, she played an instrumental role in organizing and marketing the post-2015 United Nations Climate Change Paris Conference panel discussion: “Paris to DC: Acting for Affordable Clean Energy.” Ms. McGovern has worked with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) (2006-present), organizing CCAN members, community groups, university students, and others to advocate for a variety of environmental measures at the state and local levels. 

Ms. McGovern’s professional portfolio includes coordinating the Presidential National Advisory Committee on Women under the Carter Administration. She directed the staff in implementing a national plan of action affecting health care, education, and jobs. She was also involved with the domestic refugee resettlement programs and healthcare policy and communications under the Department of Health and Human Services. Ms. McGovern holds an M.S.W. from Catholic University of America, Washington, DC and B.A. degree from Duchesne College.

Vision Statement: I believe a strong and effective UN is important for international and national security--peace and stability. Since joining the UNA-NCA, I have actively advocated for the UN and our Federal Budget to support UN programs of peacekeeping, humanitarian and refugee assistance, women’s rights, and more, with our Members of Congress. During this time, the UNA-NCA has been expanding its advocacy goals to educate policy leaders in Congress on the UN, increase public understanding, and prepare present and future leaders to work for a better world, globally and locally. These are critical advocacy goals. I plan to follow this roadmap, capitalizing on the committee’s work and engaging other members in these activities. Targeting advocacy to UNA-NCA programs is key. We will continue to collaborate with the BWC, in strategic outreach to Congress. Thus, I welcome the opportunity to work with the leadership and members and contribute to the mission and vision of the UNA-NCA and its Advocacy goals.