Dr. Hezekiah Adesanya

AdesanyaDr. Hezekiah Adesanya is a physician with over 33 years of experience in clinical practice and global pharmaceutical companies, healthcare management and investments, healthcare policies, planning and implementation and other business experience.  His experiences include population epidemiology, healthcare policy and healthcare delivery planning.

He has global experience with healthcare and other governmental bodies and is currently the Philadelphia Area Chapter Chairman and Board Member of ANPA (Association of Nigerian Physicians in America).  With successful experience in other industries he has the ability to successfully negotiate healthcare investments, contracts, working agreements and alliances. The ability to integrate healthcare into overall economy, boosting job creation and economy. He founded and Divested LaRon Pharma Inc.  Serves as a Consultant and Advisor to Small/Mid-size Pharma, CEOs and regional government bodies. 

A board certified MD with Residency in Pediatrics and Family Medicine, Dr. Adesanya has developed several community networking organizations in the U.S., Africa, and overseas. Has also managed successful community enhancement projects in Nigeria, Ghana and Other African Countries in the last 12 years (including multi-country free medical programs, water boreholes, scholarships, and orphanage support). He has also lectured and trained across several countries as a motivational speaker on family life & values.