Andjelo Mwembya
MwembyaMr. Andjelo Mwembya is an international strategic business development trailblazer with his  expanding initiatives in various industries such as IT, telecom, energy, real estate, trading, mining, and financial (banking and Investment). He has brought business solutions using innovative and disruptive technologies to the private, public and government sectors. 

He has continuously developed the MoZiKi Concept which enables one to communicate effectively with a unique ability to perceive the needs in the African emerging markets in a very persuasive approach by means of analytic and strategic techniques of breaking socio-cultural barriers to build socio-economic bridges. 

Concurrently developed a broad skills set covering; partnership strategy, solutions development, data center and cloud service management, infrastructure virtualization, managed services, virtual desktop infrastructure, applications consulting and global sales solutions. 

His international experience in managing global teams and consulting to companies has spanned across multiple cultures has instilled a high work ethic of teamwork founded on adaptability, collaboration, and conflict management and resolution skills.