Supriya Baily
Supriya Baily spent fifteen years working with peace, gender, and development organizations in India and the United States before joining the academy, working with marginalized communities to better understand the processes of agency and voice that promote grassroots transformation.  In her role as Associate Professor of Education at George Mason University, she teaches courses in international and comparative education, gender and education, qualitative research methods, and teacher education.  She is also the Co-Director for the Center for International Education. Her research interests focus on gender, education and empowerment, the role of teacher agency to support social justice issues, and theorizing qualitative research methods. 

Vision Statement:

There is a disconnect that exists between what we want schools to do, and what we prepare teachers to teach. Local students in the DC Metropolitan area come from diverse backgrounds, and face challenges that are central to the work of the UN – an environment that is crumbling, a market driven economy that guarantees nothing but insecurity, and continued gender, linguistic, social, ethnic and religious inequities. Teachers are asked to prepare students for 21st century skills, a global economy, and an international world, yet there is little universities and teacher preparation programs do to support teachers to accomplish this work. Supriya has been working in this gap for the past decade and it is where the UNA-NCA Global Classrooms program fills a critical and vital need. Helping teachers to foster curiosity in their students, and to build a life-long connection to the UN, the Global Classrooms program creates a platform for young people to understand the value and importance of the UN.  This work is critical in pushing back against nationalisticand isolationist ideologies that are all the more dangerous in our current environment.