Yolanda Ogbolu, Ph.D.
Yolanda Ogbolu, Ph.D., CRNP-Neonatal, FNAP, FAAN is Chair of the Partnerships, Professional Education and Practice Department and Associate Professor in the University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Nursing (UMSON) and School of Medicine. She is a native of West Baltimore, wife and mother of four. Prior to her role as Chair, Ogbolu served as Director of the Office of Global Health at UMSON, overseeing and integrating all international and global health research, education, and programmatic activities of the School of Nursing. During her tenure, she garnered funding from global fund, CDC and CRS and developed partnerships with Brazil, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Lebanon, and Oman. Her international work focused on improving newborn survival and strengthening the healthcare workforce.

In her current role as Department Chair, Dr. Ogbolu is responsible for overseeing the Simulation and Standardized Patient Labs, the Wellmobile program, Office of Global Health, Office of Professional Education, and The Institute of Educators. As a nurse research scientist, her research seeks to implement global and local solutions to advance health equity. She has worked to improve the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate services in local hospitals; supported community-based approaches to addressing social determinants of health through technology; and combated community social isolation in West Baltimore using a global learning model.

Recognized as a leader in global learning, in 2020, she was awarded a grant to build a national network of scientists focusing on how to bring the best evidence-based practices from around the world to improve health equity. She is well known for her collaborative leadership style that she applies locally and globally working with diverse stakeholders and policymakers. Currently, she leads the Social Determinants of Health Taskforce for Baltimore, a multisectoral organization that aims to address social challenges for the most marginalized. She has been the recipient of multiple research awards; state and local policy citations; published in multiple peer-reviewed journals; and presented her research both nationally and internationally. She is a fellow of the National Academies of Practice, a Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Faculty Scholar Alum, and Fellow of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the American Academy of Nursing.