David Scotton - Director at Large
David Scotton, a graduate of Georgetown University and George Washington University graduate Business School, spent 20 years in the private sector as CEO of two companies. He was then appointed Chairman of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission for 8 years. He was Deputy Chief of Staff to Vice President George Bush, and later Deputy Director and Chief of Staff of the Peace Corps. He was appointed Director of the UNDP Washington Office in 1989 serving until 1995. Upon retirement from the UN, David established his own international consulting firm retiring again in 2014. He has worked for many years with the White House, the State Department, USAID, and the leading international "think tanks" in Washington. He is an active member of the UNA-NCA Board serving on the Governance Committee, and stands for re-election for another term.
Vision statement: I joined UNA-NCA in 1995 and have served in various capacities as a VP, Director, and volunteer. I feel the UN is more important now more than ever because with the" world in conflict", and want to contribute whatever my talents may be to helping bring peaceful solutions to these complicated issues. Also, I view volunteerism and public service as one of the highest individual pursuits.