Thomas Bradley

Thomas Bradley is an educator, facilitator, consultant, and retired senior United States Air Force officer. He served 30 years on active duty, with leadership experience in fighter aircraft operations, flight instruction, operation planning, academic instruction, and international affairs. He earned a master’s degree in peace operations in 2018 fromGeorge Mason University, and earlier earned political science degrees from Auburn University and the University of Tennessee. He has served on the UNA-NCA Board of Directors and Executive Committee 2009-2017 and 2019-present. He has been vice chair for programs (2019-present), vice president for development (2013-2017), vice chair of the Legacy Circle (2017 to present), and assistant director of the Graduate Fellows Program (2018 to present). He participated actively in UNA-NCA’s Global Classrooms DC program from 2006 through 2018. He was executive director and CEO of a non-profit educational association and has been a contractor and consultant to the US Department of Defense.

Vision Statement
Our programs achieve UNA-NCA’s vision, mission, and goals through partnership of the board, committees, staff, and volunteers to: bounce back from pandemic better and more inclusive than before; produce and evaluate highly productive programs; use best practices to increase awareness of our programs; identify new opportunities; and develop strategic partnerships.