Jud Nirenberg
Jud Nirenberg is a writer at Control Risks, a global political and security risk consulting group, is the board president of the National Roma Centre of Macedonia and is a published writer on international human rights, gender and political matters. He has been a field consultant with UNHCR and Associate Director of the US Association for UNHCR and has partnered closely with a range of UN agencies during a career as an international development consultant in places as diverse as Afghanistan, Libya and across Europe. His previous positions have included CEO of the largest consortium of Roma (Gypsy) political and community organizations in Europe, the European Roma and Travellers Forum. He has been a Program Director at the Open Society Institute, an Officer at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Director of Government and Foundation Relations at the Jane Goodall Institute  Jud obtained a BA in international politics at The American University, studied Latin American trade at the Ecole Superieure de Gestion in Paris and holds a certificate in leadership development methods from Harvard University.

Vision statement: I share my fellow board members’ belief in the impact that our organization should have in advocacy on the Hill, identifying, educating and supporting the UN’s friends in Congress. On the Hill and beyond, UNA can build a better brand among American decision makers and opinion shapers, defining UN agencies’ successes and making clear that there is often a great yield on the investment of American leadership within UN-run programs and forums.