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13 December 2017
Pull out of US from International Migration Conference by President Trump stuns global community
By Stephen F. Moseley, President, UNA-NCA

On December 3rd, President Trump abruptly pulled the U.S. out of participation in the Global Compact and International Conference on Migration. The purpose of the compact and the conference is to plan a more humane global strategy on migration in light of the extraordinary and historic levels of mass migration and suffering of refugees, migrants, and other displaced people – over 30% of whom are fleeing conflict and war. The president withdrew from the conference and the compact saying involvement in the process interferes with American sovereignty and runs counter to U.S. immigration policies.

This latest withdrawal by the president from consideration of how to help address one of the most devastating global issues – the need to support people's human needs – on the week of International Human Rights Day, is directly contrary to the vast majority of American’s opinion that the U.S. should remain engaged with such UN efforts to meet humanitarian needs and to support peace efforts in the face of global conflicts. The envoys of 193 other nations participated in the conference last week in Mexico.

When added to the president's earlier decisions this year – seemingly unilateral with consultation of neither key members of the administration or congress – such as the announcement to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Accords, further underlines the United States' unwillingness to provide constructive leadership with countries around the world.

Our UNA-NCA must continue to seek more opportunities to educate and convey how important and necessary are the historical ties and commitments of the U.S. to world peace and humane actions toward those most in need.