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10 May 2018
Our Mission is More Important Than Ever
By Stephen F. Moseley, President, UNA-NCA

This year, the mission of UNA-NCA is more important than ever to engage our fellow citizens in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area to better understand and support U.S. engagement and leadership in the United Nations, and to provide our full share of funding. You are well aware of the major threats to the UN from some policy leaders in the US, and 30 to 50% cutbacks for operations and specialized UN agencies proposed again this year. 

Your personal financialsupport for UNA-NCA is critical for our mission. Dues paid by over 1,000 members – including free membership for students – represent less than 10% of our budget.  Our ability to carry out programs is dependent on the generosity of many individuals who make gifts to UNA-NCA beyond their membership – in amounts from $200 to $10,000.  In addition, a few very generous families devote as much as $25,000 through their foundations.

Every donation directly supports our programs on Peace and Security, International Law, Sustainable Development, Human Rights, Gender Equity and our UN Graduate Fellows program.  Our Young Professionals program provides career and leadership development opportunities. Our flagship year-round education program, Global Classrooms DC, serves hundreds of middle and high school students throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Our Advocacy program has reached national and local policy leaders to provide education on critical and timely issues and increased the number of members in contact with public officials. 

Please consider increasing your gift by 10% or more over last year to sustain these programs.  We will continue to seek contributions from new members and expand outreach to more of our neighbors and young people to engage them for the long-term support of US engagement with the UN.  Too many people still have little understanding of the critical role played by the UN directly and indirectly for peace, development, justice and a safer environment for all of us.

Most of our work is carried out by a large number of volunteers who lead our program and advocacy committees and serve as board members. Your donations enable us to pay for a small but hardworking staff, and a modest office operation including rent, materials development, communications, and program support.  In addition, all board members and volunteer officers individually make or facilitate donations of $500 or more each year.   

Through our Board of Directors and Advisory Council, and with the representatives from UN agencies in the DC area, we are fortunate to have outstanding working relationships with many of the most active foreign affairs policy and development leaders in our community. We both value their volunteer time and support. 

This is a critical time to strengthen America’s historical partnership with the UN.  Most people throughout the world recognize that, even during difficult times in relations between our government and others, most of our citizens are deeply committed to building good relations through diplomacy.  Our common interest is for all to have prosperity, peace, justice, a safe environment, and to meet needs of the poorest, including the largest number of refugees in modern history from natural disasters, war and violence.  The United Nations with active leadership support from the United States is critical to progress in meeting these goals. 

UNA-NCA wants your help and support to strengthen these ties, and especially to ensure that our programs continue to engage our youth and young professionals -- to fully understand and appreciate how the UN makes a difference for every generation

Please respond to this appeal now, on-line through our website UNANCA.org via credit card; or send a check to UNA-NCA, 2000 P Street NW, Suite 630, Washington, DC 20036. Any member can join our UNA-NCA Legacy Circle by making a monthly donation of $25 or more as an automatic payment, arranged easily through your checking account or credit card.  If you would like to discuss other gift arrangements for UNA-NCA, please call 202-223-6092 or write to us at anytime at unanca@unanca.org.

With your personal, volunteer and financial commitments, we at UNA-NCA pledge to make a difference for creating a better world every day.  Thank you so much.