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19 December 2018
Classroom Interactions Promote Model UN Training

Many schools were able to enjoy the Fall 2019 Model UN Training Conference on November 15. However, because of the inclement weather and surprise snow storm, Global Education Managing Director Nicole Bohannon has been working with schools who were unable to come.

SchoolVisit3Over the past month, Nicole has ran two mini-simulations based on the same topic of the Fall Training Conference: the Global Opioid Crisis. Both simulations allowed students new to Model UN to practice their skills, even though they were unable to participate in a full day conference. Still, the shortened time frame allowed students a more intensive experience to practice Model UN and prepare them for the Spring 2019 Model UN Conference.

On November 29, Nicole visited Cabin John Middle School in Potomac, MD. The organizers at Cabin John Middle School worked with their coordinating elementary school to invite students from the 5th grade to participate, as well. Bells Mill Elementary sent a number of students who had practiced Model UN in their own group, but never before had been in as large as a group. With the combined number of students, about 75 kids were participating in a mini-simulation focused on discussing the Global Opioid Crisis.
On December 14, Nicole worked with students from Bullis School, also in Potomac, MD. About 10 students participated the workshop, and were able to work in double delegations, or a group of two students who represent one country together. This dynamic allowed them to come up with more ideas on how to address the issue, as well as learning to work more effectively in groups.

Both sessions were able to produce a number of resolutions, or documents that outline possible solutions to a problem. Although there was not enough time to vote on the different resolutions presented, the students have since been able to use those resolutions as follow-up to the sessions and improve on their skills. 

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