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09 May 2017
Law of the Sea Treaty (UNCLOS) Program

Join the UNA-NCA International Law Committee as they discuss efforts to urge the incoming Administration to make a push for ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty!

Do recent events in the South China Sea, the Arctic and Iran show that the failure of the United States to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty harms our economic, national security, and environmental interests and jeopardizes our global leadership in the 21st century? A range of U.S. business interests, the U.S. military and environmental groups support ratification.  As a signatory, the U.S. would have standing to object to claims to territorial seas by other nations, preserve our military’s navigational rights to innocent passage, object to environmental violations, and lay claims to oil and gas reserves in the Arctic and the seabed. Or, as critics claim, would ratification threaten U.S. sovereignty? Join us for a discussion of the political, legal, economic, and security implications of non-ratification of the Treaty and how that influences international affairs. 

When: May 9th, time TBD

Speakers and location will be released shortly.