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20 September 2017
The North Korean Nuclear Challenge

Please join UNA-NCA and its International Law Committee for a panel discussion on the threat posed by North Korean nuclear weapons and weapon delivery vehicles, North Korea's international behavior and objectives, UN sanctions, suggestions for U.S. policy, and possible future outcomes.

Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Time: 4:00 - 5:30 PM

Location: Russell Senate Office Building Room 325 (Kennedy Caucus Room)

Cost: Free 

North Korea’s refusal to halt its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs poses a serious and escalating threat to the United States and the world. In the past eleven years, North Korea has conducted six nuclear tests, including the recent underground test this month of its most powerful nuclear weapon yet. Preliminary estimates by nuclear experts place this sixth bomb, which North Korea claims was a hydrogen bomb, as significantly more destructive than North Korea’s last test in 2016. Its 6.3 magnitude seismic event supports that North Korea detonated an advanced nuclear weapon.

This test to purportedly miniaturize a nuclear warhead for delivery by a new intercontinental ballistic missile follows provocative tests of a long-range missile in July and of intermediate-range missiles in August. These tests, although not yet verified for accuracy and reliability, take North Korea closer to its quest for a long-range, nuclear-capable missile that can strike the contiguous United States.
Amid rising regional and international tensions over North Korea’s nuclear program, UN sanctions have frozen assets, imposed travel bans, and targeted North Korea’s primary exports, financial transactions, and joint ventures with foreign companies. Last month, the United States enacted new sanctions against North Korea as part of a more robust sanctions campaign to increase pressure on North Korea.

What are the options to deal with this serious threat to international peace and security? What are North Korea’s ambitions? Are there policy, legal, and diplomatic options for a peaceful resolution? Please join UNA-NCA and its International Law Committee for an engaging discussion with Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr. and Missy Ryan of The Washington Post on the challenges and options for U.S. policy and future outcomes. 

Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr. (retired), a former U.S. diplomat who participated at a senior level in every major arms control and non-proliferation negotiation in which the United States took part during the period of 1970-1997.

Missy Ryan, National Security Reporter, The Washington Post

Renee Dopplick, Co-Chair, UNA-NCA International Law Committee

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