Director of Governance, United Way Worldwide

Lauren B. Terrell is a nonprofit management and board governance specialist. She currently serves as the director of governance at United Way Worldwide. In this role, she leads the governance and board operations for the organization, including the development and implementation of the strategic goals and objectives of United Way Worldwide’s governance structure. She is responsible for all aspects of board development, committee engagement, volunteer leadership engagement, recruitment, onboarding, and board communication. In addition, Ms. Terrell is responsible for all aspects of planning and execution for United Way Worldwide’s annual meeting of the membership to include management of the voting and proxy process.

Ms. Terrell began her career with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), an international, non-profit organization, as an executive assistant. In that role, she provided support to the president and chief executive officer and took on a wide range of responsibilities, including event management and fundraising support. Ms. Terrell’s duties quickly shifted full time to a governance role and then expanded again to include organizational and donor compliance oversight, strategic leadership of IFES’ advocacy efforts and approach to U.S. Congress, creation and oversight of the organization’s premiere fundraising events and online giving, and management and supervision of the executive office and executive office staff.

In 2017, Ms. Terrell received a graduate certificate in nonprofit management from George Mason University. She has a bachelor’s degree in government and international politics with a concentration in political theory and law, also from George Mason University. As an undergraduate, she interned at the State Department in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs under Assistant Secretary Thomas A. Shannon.

Ms. Terrell is a strong believer in the power of community and an active civil society. She lends her expertise and background in nonprofit management and board governance via volunteer leadership roles within her community. She has served on her local homeowners’ association for a number of years in various roles and currently serves as the vice president of the board. She also currently serves as the vice chair of strategy and operations, as well as the governance committee chair, with the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area.

Vision Statement

Lauren believes that citizen engagement in all its forms, from volunteering to membership in civic organizations, enhances the fabric of society - citizen participation is essential for a safer, more peaceful, and prosperous global community. It is this belief that led her to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector and through my work at IFES, an international NGO that promotes citizen participation via the right to vote, Lauren has witnessed how local action can result in national and international change.

Lauren commits to furthering the organization’s mission by learning as much as possible about the organization so that she can effectively serve as an advocate and community ambassador and by upholding her fiduciary responsibilities. In the short term, Lauren hopes to use my skills and background in nonprofit management and board governance to serve on UNA-NCA’s Governance Committee. In addition, Lauren will utilize her event management background to assist with various organizational events. As she learn more about UNA-NCA, Lauren will identify more specific opportunities for engagement.

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