Director at Large

World Bank Group

American international qualified lawyer, senior staff with the World Bank Group and law professor (adjunct) at George Washington University, Law School’s International Law and Comparative Program. Most recently, Dr. Hanafi was the focal point for the United Nations OPS/World Bank Legal Framework. Dr. Hanafi, earned a doctorate in law in the UK, and is Founder and Principal of international development law firm ARPA International Law Group, and serves in legal advisory roles to UN agencies, including UNDP and United Nations ESCWA as well as foreign governments. Formerly, Dr. Hanafi oversaw the International Criminal Court Middle East and North Africa Coalition work. In 2013, Dr. Hanafi was selected by the Moroccan Government as Law Commissioner in the National Inter-Governmental Commission for Policy Dialogue.

Vision Statement:

Leila joined UNA-USA in 2005 and has been an active member of the National Capital Area chapter (UNA-NCA) ever since. Over the years, UNA was my conduit of “thinking globally and acting locally”.

As the world opens up after a devastating pandemic, my hope is to continue to advocate for a strong U.S. and UN partnerships and make them relatable in the DC circles and increase public support for the UN. Particularly, I look forward to expanding the UNA’s reach through partnerships with other internationally-focused organizations in the national capital area that share common objectives.

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