Renee Dopplick
Renee Dopplick is completing her first term of service on the UNA-NCA Board of Directors and is Co-chair of its International Law Committee. She is an international attorney and experienced senior executive who has worked in global nonprofits, the corporate sector, and government in the areas of public policy, technology, and international law. She serves as Co-Chair of the UNA-NCA International Law Committee. She serves on the DRI Artificial Intelligence Working Group and in leadership positions within the ABA International Law Section. She previously served as a representative from the ABA to the United Nations, as Editor-in-Chief of International Law News, and in the legal department of the World Wildlife Fund. She earned her J.D. degree from Georgetown University, a Master of Science degree from Michigan State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Vision Statement

We face so many challenges as a global community, UNA-NCA is a positive force for advancing an understanding of how collective action through the United Nations can help ensure economic development, peaceful resolutions to disputes and conflicts, and sustainable development. Renee believes that UNA-NCA is in a unique position to grow its leadership role in communicating the value of the United Nations to U.S. policy leaders, businesses, other nonprofits, the media, students, and the public through its advocacy, education, and outreach activities. UNA-NCA has a strong history of providing value to its members through its committee meetings, events, publications, and networking opportunities, including events to connect students and early professionals with career pathways in international affairs. As a member-driven organization, the strength of UNA-NCA depends on its ability to continue to provide value through its strategic initiatives and growth. Renee is committed to advancing the mission of UNA-NCA and to growing its capacity to deliver high-profile, innovative, and important value to its members and society.

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