Richard Seifman
Richard Seifman is a former senior health adviser at the World Bank and a former senior foreign service officer with USAID. He was the Executive Director of UNA-USA’s Economic Policy Council from 1978-1981, having served at the US Mission to the UN from 1975-1978.

He has over 45 years high level experience in international development, mainly in health and nutrition with bilateral, multilateral, and nongovernmental organizations. With the World Bank, he led major projects in health and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, and, he has been involved in its work on One Health, antimicrobial resistance, and infectious disease, and the global virome projects.

He is on the Technical Review Panel of The Global Fund and Malaria, and taught a graduate course at the George Washington University Elliot School of International Affairs for 3 years on HIV/AIDS and Development. He is a contributor to multiple publications including the Journal of Health Care Finance, The Lancet Global and Lancet Health Blog, the Impakter Blog, and national newspapers. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he has a Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration from Columbia University.

Vision Statement

The beginning of the 21st century has already resulted in unimaginable changes in terms of geopolitics, economics, prioritization of issues such as climate change, gender, immigration and refugees, and pandemics.

In the 20th century the United States was a leader in all these domains, demonstrating in and through the United Nations and its agencies, generosity and adherence to basic principles of human rights and a sense of the global public good.

UNA-NCA is located at the seat of national discourse and decision-making, and where major multilateral organizations including the World Bank, IMF, OAS, and PAHO, each of which has important linkages to the UN, are headquartered.

UNA-NCA has a responsibility to serve as the eyes and ears of actions taken, and advocate for action to forward the aims of the UN Charter in this new and unfolding global world. I hope to contribute to these tasks based on my experience in the World Bank and, in particular, with respect to global health

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