October 7, 2022
UNA-NCA is now accepting applications to our Spring 2023 Graduate Fellows Program!

This competitive program offers graduate students enrolled in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia are the opportunity to participate; learning to view the world through a “UN lens” alongside like-minded peers, experienced faculty, and foreign affairs professionals.
Program seminars will focus on contemporary global issues related to the United Nations and will be supplemented by both mentoring opportunities as well as professional development support that draws upon UNA-NCA's extensive professional network. UNA-NCA’s access to the United Nations system of agencies, in addition to its diverse range of professional relationships, is a cornerstone of the GFP’s success.

Thematic areas include:
  • Economic Development and Economic Policy
  • UN Budget and Finance
  • Gender
  • Human Rights, Education, and Social Development
  • Energy, Sustainable Development, and Climate Change
  • Conflict Prevention, Conflict Resolution, and Peacekeeping
  • Refugees and Migration


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