Abbey Ogunwale, Ph.D

Vice President, Strategic Growth & Business Development at One Earth Future Foundation

Abbey Ogunwale is a seasoned leader in the international business development arena with extensive experience across several countries and sectors. For over a decade, he has provided clients with the context, foresight, and analysis they need to solve the unknown and enhance their understanding of global, regional, and national affairs. His extensive knowledge of various cultures, markets, geopolitical forces, and global state actors uniquely positions him to engage with clients to solve challenges in critical sectors and offer investors unique insights on risks and opportunities. Abbey has successfully led the design and development of various multi-million dollar and multi-year public sector grants & government-funded projects across Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia in Global Health, Energy, Democracy & Governance, Trade, Telecoms, Agriculture, and Economic Growth sectors.

Abbey is currently the Vice President for Strategic Growth and Business Development at One Earth Future Foundation (OEF). OEF is an incubator of innovative peacebuilding programs that designs, tests, and partners to scale programs that work hand-in-hand with those most affected by conflict to eliminate the root causes of war. Before this role, he was a Lead Principal and the Co-Founder at Defined Impact and Sr. Strategic Business Development Partner at Perch Perspectives. He serves on the board of local, national, and international organizations, and he is a proud steward of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican.

Abbey holds a bachelor's degree in computer information systems from Babcock University, a master's from George Washington University School of Business in Project Management, and a Ph.D. in Public and Business Administration from Northcentral University. He received Executive Certificates in Management & Leadership from MIT Sloan School of Management, Harvard University, and Johns Hopkins University.

Vision Statement:

Since joining UNA-NCA in 2007 as a student member, I have had enormous access to events, conferences, and seminars on the UN and related foreign policy issues. These member benefits and my work-related experiences with multilateral agencies make me appreciate the importance of UNA-NCA's support for the UN mission. By serving as a Board Member, I hope to leverage my relationship with organizations in the National Capital Area, the international development community, and my engagement with several diaspora groups, to support UNA-NCA’s mission for a constructive U.S. leadership in a more effective United Nations.

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