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In-depth reviews and analyses of pertinent and timely issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals.
The New Great Flood

Climate Displacement and Access to Asylum within the United State

Persons displaced due to climate change will increasingly seek asylum within the United States; current immigration and asylum policy fail to define a ‘climate refugee’ and thus lack mechanisms for legal entry, resettlement, or workforce integration. Expanding access to asylum to climate refugees will mitigate national security risks, propagate economic growth at state and local levels, and affirm U.S. commitment to upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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Building Inclusive Cities

Sustainable Urban Development

Executive Summary

“Civil society and public participation fosters a positive relationship between government and the public by communicating effectively and solving the conflicts in a cooperative manner. In many cases when urban planning decisions are made without consultation, the desired results are not achieved and there is a negative impact on society, due to inefficient allocation and use of resources. Ensuring that wide varieties of opinions are considered assists the decision makers with understanding the interlinkages and nature of problems and potential solutions facing different urban settings.”1
–UN Habitat

Free and Fair Elections

Promoting and Protecting Voting Rights at the UN and in the US

Executive Summary

“Building democracy is a complex process. Elections are only a starting point but if their integrity is compromised, so is the legitimacy of democracy.”¹
- Kofi A. Annan, former UN Secretary-General

The State of the District

Taking D.C. Human Rights Concerns to the UN

Executive Summary

Capturing the headlines in April 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, governors across the United States found themselves battling a sitting President along with a deadly virus. As hospitals became overwhelmed, unemployment numbers soared, and families across the country suddenly faced questions about their ability to pay their rent, state governments showed no hesitation in requesting federal assistance. As the President resisted, Congress attempted to step up and fill in the gaps by passing a controversial bailout for the U.S. healthcare system and economy. The bill reflected not only the pleas of the governors, but also of senators and representatives advocating for their constituents in Congress.

Equal in Dignity and Rights

The UN, the US, and Anti-Racism


“No matter how desperately and firmly we may be interested in the settlement of the race problem in Boston, in Kansas, and in the United States it cannot ultimately be settled without consultation and cooperation with the whole civilized world.”

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