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In support of our mission, UNA-NCA is dedicated to supporting, researching, advocating, and energizing crucial issues in our society. From human rights to the environment, and gender issues to peace & security, UNA-NCA strives to educate the American public about what the UN is focused on.

UNA-NCA works with the decision makers at the United Nations and of the U.S. as an incubator for new ideas on such issues as conflict resolution, nuclear non-proliferation, global health, and sustainable development to build public support for constructive U.S. leadership in a more effective United Nations.
Human Rights
According to the UN, human rights is a cross-cutting theme in all its policies and programs in the key areas of peace and security, development, humanitarian assistance, and economic and social affairs. Nearly all UN bodies and specialized agencies are involved with protecting human rights. Learn More >
Environment and Climate
Through advocacy and education, UNA-NCA is able to focus our members’ attention on important aspects of environmental protection. The organization sponsors numerous programs and Coffee Chats to help over 2,000 members in the greater Washington area focus on environmental sustainability and climate change. By building knowledge, understanding, and informed opinions on the topic of the environment, UNA-NCA ensures that the 2030 Sustainable Goals are met. Learn More >
International Law
The United Nations plays a key role in the maintenance and progression of international law. UN Member States recognize that international peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development must be guided by a world based on the rule of law and respect for international law. The preamble of the UN Charter affirms these interlinked principles and expresses countries’ determination to “establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained.” Learn More >
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development focuses on meeting development goals such as the eradication of poverty and the protection of human rights, while also tackling climate change and preserving our planet. This means moving towards a more sustainable and peaceful world for all. UNA-NCA promotes sustainable development through advocacy, programming, and our Sustainable Development Committee. Learn More >
Gender Issues & Women's Rights
The United Nations recognizes gender equality and empowerment as a pivotal metric for economic growth, increased quality of life, and the sustainability of our global future. As gender equality is the 5th Sustainable Development Goal, countries that demonstrate gender inclusive outcomes in access to jobs, health care, education, housing, and other basic needs, are better positioned to provide higher quality of life to people and address the challenges they face individually and collectively. Learn More >
Peace and Security
The United Nations was founded in 1945 following the ravages of World War II, "To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war." (UN Charter Preamble)

While armed conflict continues to be a reality in our world, diplomacy, disarmament, conflict prevention, and peacekeeping missions, are all important tools to extend peace on the planet. UNA-NCA explores the many layers of peace and security and what that means for our nation and the world. Learn More >

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