UNA-NCA’s work is strengthened by the collective work of UNA-NCA members and volunteers, working alongside its staff. It all starts with applying your passion, energy, enthusiasm, and engagement to the work of the chapter.

The first step is to become a member; your dues help support our programs that bring the world to our community, and help our community to support our greater world. The next step is to find a pathway to engage that fits your career, interests, and aligns with opportunities at UNA-NCA.

There are many ways to get involved, which include:

If you are established in your career and looking for ways to apply your professional skills -- whether that be legal, communications, finance, business, leadership, or any other -- please consider giving your time and talent to our chapter to advance the mission of the United Nations and support its work locally.

And if you are looking to switch careers or gain career experience, getting involved in UNA-NCA is a great way to build your skills and work side-by-side with leaders - -from diplomats to nonprofit leaders to business executives. Our chapter is supported by a diverse, talented, and passionate group of volunteers working together to better our world. We welcome you to join us!

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