The United Nations Association of the National Capital Area is committed to the safeguard of the environment. Through advocacy and education, UNA-NCA is able to focus our members’ attention on important aspects of environmental protection. The organization sponsors numerous programs and Coffee Chats to help over 2,000 members in the greater Washington area focus on environmental sustainability and climate change. By building knowledge, understanding, and informed opinions on the topic of the environment, UNA-NCA ensures that the 2030 Sustainable Goals are met.

What We Do

During advocacy efforts and trainings, UNA-NCA urges our members to demand their elected officials to push forward and prioritize policies that support a healthier planet and a more sustainable future.

Our Global Classrooms DC program worked together with the UN Environment Programme for their Spring 2021 Model UN Conference to bring students a tangible learning experience. Thanks to this partnership, students were able to cover the impacts of climate and air quality on diverse communities.

Members and staff also have the opportunity to publish their diverse perspectives and experiences on our Blog, UNA-NCA Snapshots. Multiple articles have been published on the environment and have reached hundreds to educate them on the topic.

We dedicate multiple events throughout the year to the discussion of the environment and the climate crisis.

On May 19, 2021, the UNA-NCA Young Professionals (YP) Program hosted a virtual panel discussion on “Careers in the International Environment and Climate Change Fields.” The panel offered helpful advice for audience members interested in the field.

On April 8, 2021, the UNA-NCA Coffee Chat Series covered the topics of climate change, displacement, and human health and security. During this event, participants explored the potential impact of climate change on human displacement, current legal frameworks for supporting climate refugees, and the inextricable link between human health and safety and the environment.

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