Jill Christianson

Retired, International Relations, National Education Association (NEA)

As Chair of Board of UNA-NCA from 2021-2024, Jill Christianson helped the association fortify its advocacy for strong US engagement in the United Nations. With her leadership, UNA-NCA has built a robust online programming presence and live events. She helped fortify key relationships with institutional partners, board, and members for a diverse, dynamic association with a focus on social justice.

Jill is the inaugural recipient of the Ambassador Esther Coopersmith Leadership Award from UNA-NCA. She actively supports the Human Rights Committee’s annual Human Rights Awards. Prior to leading the Board of UNA-NCA, Jill chaired the association’s Nominating Committee and served as a Member at Large. She has leveraged significant in-kind contributions for the association.

In her international work for over two decades with nation's largest labor union, the National Education Association (NEA), Jill forged partnerships, policy decisions, and development initiatives. At the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, Jill served as the union’s key representative. She has worked in 45+ nations on issues related to education, labor, and human rights.

Jill’s advocacy on global, national, state, and local equity issues is evident through various organizational affiliations. She and her wife, Pamela, live in Maryland.

Vision Statement

Together, within UNA-NCA, we forge relationships, practice, and policy for the good of all.  Our local community (DMV) and the United Nations need us.  UNA-NCA thrives with prudent resource management, paired with inspired staff, elected leaders and members. I look forward to continuing my service to UNA-NCA as we honor our rich history and grow in our strength.

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