Karen Mulhauser
Karen Mulhauser established Mulhauser and Associates in 1988 as a small, progressive, management and public affairs consulting firm. She works in partnership with clients to assess their needs, and to design and/or implement programs to meet these needs. Mulhauser is recognized for her coalition-building and inclusive management and organizing approach. In addition to consulting commitments, she has served on over 35 nonprofit boards and has organized electoral activities during every election cycle since the 1970s. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, management assistance, board/staff development, program design, implementation and evaluation, and resource development.

Mulhauser started Consulting Women in 1990 and continues to manage its website and the active, professional listserv of 1000 DC area self-employed women. She helped start Women’s Information Network in 1989 and immediate past chair of its Advisory Council. WIN was established to make Washington, DC more welcoming for young, prochoice Democratic women and it gives the Karen Mulhauser award each year to the DC area woman who did the most to help young women.

Prior to consulting, Karen Mulhauser, served as Executive Director of the Center for Education on Nuclear War, Citizens Against Nuclear War and National Abortion Rights Action League (Now NARAL Prochoice America). Before that, she worked for Seattle Planned Parenthood as a trainer for family planning personnel in federally funded clinics in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.

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