The primary purpose of the Student Representative(s) is to liaise with students from local universities in the National Capital Area jurisdiction – DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. The Representative(s) will be encouraged to form a committee with the goal of promoting the work of the United Nations, collaborating with other UNA-NCA committees and programs, encouraging student membership, and working in partnership with student clubs and UNA-USA chapter campuses.

This position will last for a term of one year. Candidates must be student UNA-NCA members in good standing. The responsibilities of the student representative(s) will be defined via a one-year work plan. The work plan will be developed by the student representative(s) and UNA-NCA’s executive director. Service will commence at UNA-NCA’s annual meeting.

Established in 1952, the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area is one of the oldest and largest divisions of the United Nations of the USA (UNA-USA), and a member of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA). With the help of over 3,000 members, volunteers, and supporters in the greater Washington area, UNA-NCA works to build public knowledge, strengthen UN-US relations, and aid the UN in achieving its goals.

Responsibilities of the Student Representative(s) include:

  • Communicating with university students in the UNA-NCA jurisdiction and forming a student committee with liaisons from local universities
  • Representing student interests by serving as a liaison to the UNA-NCA Board
  • Collaborating with Global Classrooms DC/Model UN and Young Professionals programs to integrate student members into UN-related programs and encouraging more active participation
  • Assisting with student and volunteer recruitment for Global Classrooms DC and Young Professionals programs
  • Engaging with students in the UNA-NCA jurisdiction to facilitate intergenerational professional development, leadership preparation, and career guidance, especially involving established experts and community leaders
  • Reporting on progress made in increasing student membership and participation
  • Attending/contributing to board meetings.

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