The VC, Young Professionals works with the President, Board of Directors, Committees of the Board and senior staff to engage young professionals in the execution of UNA-NCA’s strategic priorities.

Young Professionals (YP) is a program of UNA-NCA that seeks to engage young professionals in discussions of international affairs and emphasizes the importance of multilateral cooperation and the UN. While we appreciate supporters of all ages, YP members are typically between the ages of 21-40 and are a diverse group of individuals from the fields of business, law, government, nonprofit, the arts, and philanthropy. YP provides opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals and gives young professionals a unique forum in which to learn more about current international issues, the UN, and the work of UNA-NCA.

Young Professionals supports the mission of UNA-NCA and is committed to providing information and opportunities to young professionals and students in the area. YP's signature event series, the Career Dinners, focus on relevant policy issues, career development, social networking and feature speakers from a wide range of international agencies and organizations.

The VC, Young Professionals oversees the YP committee chairs who organize and lead committee meetings, promote leadership development, build connections and establish relationships with other YP groups in the DC area, recruit and retain YP members, and develop engaging programs and career development opportunities for YP members. The VC ensures the YP group is actively engaged at the organizational level and that YP activities and events are aligned with UNA-NCA’s strategic priorities. 

This position reports to the president and serves on the UNA-NCA board and executive committee. Per UNA-NCA’s bylaws, a person shall hold office for two years in this role and may serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same office. This position requires approximately 5-10 hours per week.

Established in 1952, the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area is one of the oldest and largest divisions of the United Nations of the USA (UNA-USA), and a member of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA). With the help of over 3,000 members, volunteers, and supporters in the greater Washington area, UNA-NCA works to build public knowledge, strengthen UN-US relations, and aid the UN in achieving its goals.

The Vice Chair’s key responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the Young Professionals lead to both the executive committee and the board 
  • Facilitating young professional engagement throughout the organization
  • Working with UNA-NCA’s executive committee, board, committee leaders and staff to drive and influence strategic decision-making
  • Providing guidance and leadership to the YP committee chairs.  
  • Implementing program ideas and reporting on the progress of YP initiatives and programs to internal and external stakeholders

Additional Expectations:

  • Must be a UNA-NCA member in good standing and a member of the YP demographic
  • Commitment to UNA-NCA’s mission 
  • Ability to attend UNA-NCA board and executive committee meetings, in addition to YP committee meetings
  • Desired skillset includes strong organizational skills, time management, leadership development, and strong communications skills

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