June 23, 2022

By Francesca Gill, UNA-NCA Program Assistant

The 2022 Annual Membership Meeting highlights UNA-NCA’s work over the past year to support a strong U.S.-UN partnership. To open the meeting, Board Chair Jill Christianson stressed in their welcome remarks that all who are a part of UNA-NCA are there to support the UN and multilateral partnerships, and help by supporting and enhancing the quality of the work within the chapter. Incoming Director at Large Thomas (Huan-Cheng) Liu then introduced the 2022 UNA-2022 AM Johnson AcceptanceNCA Arthur. W Johnson Leadership Award honoree and keynote speaker Representative Don Beyer of Virginia’s 8th District. Congressman Beyer spoke on the behalf of their own experiences, in addition to the importance of supporting and working towards the sustainable development goals through the UN to bring greater resolution to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Christianson and UNA-NCA President Paula Boland spoke on the State of UNA-NCA, which covered UNA-NCA’s strategic goals, Graduate Fellows Program (GFP), advocacy event efforts, Global Classrooms DC (GCDC), program committee highlights, and Global Goals at Home. Boland additionally thanked the organization’s leaders, volunteers, donors, partners, and staff for their incredible efforts and support during the last year, despite the challenges faced from the COVID-19 pandemic. Boland stressed that in spite of this challenge, “we stuck together and creatively continued to deliver impactful programs and advocated for the work of the UN, expanding our outreach beyond jurisdiction.” Boland also emphasized that it has not been a more pressing time for the United States to reclaim its leadership role and strength to tackle global challenges through international organizations and partnerships. Boland particularly focused on encouraging the enhancement of membership within the chapter, particularly in youth, partnerships, fundraising, institutional, and individual efforts to build greater support for the work of the UN and connect the National Capital Area’s residents and organizations to the work of the UN. Christianson particularly emphasized the importance of strong committee engagement, and thanked the efforts of outgoing Chair of the Peace & Security Committee, Patrick Realiza,and Anna Garbar, Chair of the Human Rights Committee, for their outstanding leadership and work in the chapter.

2022 AM Program Leadership AcceptanceFormer Board Chair Stephen Moseley presented the 2022 Richard and Anne Griffis Program Leadership Award to UNA-NCA’s Global Goals at Home Program. Starting as a research project, the program was recognized for its comprehensive mission and efforts to academically and practically solve global challenges. Nominations Committee Co-Chair and UNA-NCA Vice Chair for Membership & Volunteer Engagement, Kristen Hecht, and Nominations Committee Co-Chair and UNA-NCA Vice Chair & Secretary, Abbey Ogunwale, announced the 2022 new and re-elected board members.

2022 AM Falkowski AcceptanceChristianson presented the 2022 Evelyn Falkowski Volunteer Service Award to Vice Chair of Strategy & Operations/Governance Chair and Director of Governance at United Way Worldwide Lauren Terrell. Terrell spoke on the behalf of their experiences, and the importance of civic engagement and volunteerism. Board Chair Christianson then closed the annual membership meeting by stressing the importance of facing global crises and the work of UNA-NCA to further work towards the Sustainable Development Goals on both the local and national levels, in addition to working towards strengthening the U.S-UN partnership. The meeting was adjourned by a musical performance by Musician Jordan Moore.

2022 AM PerformanceIn summary, the 2022 Annual Membership Meeting encapsulated the efforts of UNA-NCA, from reinstating its mission statement and values to promoting its advocacy efforts for a stronger U.S.-UN partnership on both the local and national level. Now more than ever, UNA-NCA needs individuals with passion, commitment, and dedication to join the organization, and help mobilize, advocate, and educate the public about the UN and its work. UNA-NCA welcomes all who are interested in becoming members. From engaging in a variety of activities, events, and programs, to even becoming a leader within the organization, UNA-NCA has a place for you in the organization to become the best attribute to the team. Those who are interested can join the organization by simply becoming a member, donor, or joining a committee to support and work towards the chapter’s efforts and work. We hope you consider joining UNA-NCA to help build a stronger U.S.-UN partnership.

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