June 30, 2022
Emerging from the challenges of the pandemic, we again find ourselves in surreal circumstances: a time of war and shifting geopolitical realities. And just as with the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations is serving as our global community's foundation for cooperation and action.

Whether conflict or pandemic, events of recent years have shown that the UN occupies an essential role in relation to our shared and individual wellbeing. As members of the UNA-NCA community and champions of the United Nations’ unique capacity to affect change, we must continue to stand united, to work towards global cooperation, to speak up, to show solidarity, and to match the words with actions. By mobilizing both our communities and our country to engage in, and better, our global community, we strengthen the United Nations.

UNA-NCA reaches this goal through the vibrancy of our advocacy, the immersive quality of our education initiatives, the meaningful partnerships that we form, and the invigorating community that UNA-NCA members create together. 2021 was testament to each of these qualities, an impactful year that included Global Classrooms DC’s year-round global education programming culminating with over 200 delegates and educators attending the Spring Model UN Conference at the U.S. Institute of Peace; Advocacy’s Coffee chat series, “Cities for CEDAW” campaign, and federal advocacy efforts; the Graduate Fellows Program leading 30+ young professionals in a semester-long exploration of the UN system; the Young Professionals Program’s career and leadership development opportunities; the Global Goals at Home Program’s innovative dashboard aimed at localizing the SDGs in our jurisdiction, Program Committee events; and our special programming for UN Day and the annual Human Rights Awards.

It is through this work - by operating at the intersection of education, community-building, and advocacy - that allows members of UNA-NCA to drive lasting change on the ground. And driving that change is only possible with your support.

A generous donor has offered to match increased gifts from UNA-NCA supporters, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. This will apply to donations from supporters, whose 2022 gifts are more than those made in 2021, up to $500 per donor. Every gift of $25, $50 and $100 or more can be matched. The match will apply to all written 2022 pledges and/or payments received by December 31, 2022.

  1. Donate online or via wire transfer (details provided upon request)
  2. Mail a check to UNA-NCA at 2000 P Street, NW, Suite #540, Washington DC 20036
  3. Join our UNA-NCA Legacy Circle with monthly automatic donations of $25 or more
  4. Gift of stock (details provided upon request) Finally, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with processing your contribution or would like to discuss other gift arrangements to support UNA-NCA.

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