December 21, 2020
Curious what GCDC has done to transition Model UN programs online in 2020? Check out major highlights below!


Virtual Programming

Although the Spring 2020 Model UN Conference was cancelled, the GCDC team quickly transitioned to an online model in March. We quickly began offering virtual Model UN committee sessions using topics meant for the Spring Conference, as well as a Professional Development session for our educators. In addition to translating our Model UN programming virtually, we also adapted the entire year-round program in the summer so that it could be facilitated virtually, including distance learning guidance for all activities and a guide for conducting Model UN on a virtual platform.

Monthly Virtual Model UN Sessions

Beginning in September, the GCDC team held monthly 1 hour virtual Model UN sessions centered around the mini Model UN simulations included in the GCDC Year-Round curriculum. Over the course of 4 months, GCDC executed 5 virtual sessions for schools signed up for the program, as well as workshops with individual schools, with a total attendence of 96 students across all 5 sessions. Each session focused on critical skills necessary for success in Model UN, including an overview of Model UN basics and a deep dive into public speaking. We also brought UN experts directly to virtual classrooms and held a session in partnership with the International Labour Organization focused on this year’s Spring Conference topic on Occupational Safety & Health.

Of the 51 students surveyed across the 5 sessions, 96% reported that they would like to attend another Virtual Model UN session. We look forward to the sessions we have prepared for the spring, including a webinar with the International Organization for Migration!


Fall 2020 Model UN Training Conference

The GCDC team successfully held our annual Fall Model UN Training Conference virtually for the first time! Over the course of three committees, 125 students from 12 schools debated issues related to the topic of “Access to Vaccines and Affordable Medicines.” This year’s conference also featured a special-edition crisis committee, where delegates were faced with an Ebola outbreak. As a result of the conference, of the 94 students surveyed, 92% reported having a better understanding of the conference while 79% felt more confident applying problem solving and leadership skills in a group setting. 

Planning for the Spring

Despite the challenges that 2020 has brought to the program, we are impressed by the resilience of our students, educators, and parents. Looking into Spring 2021, the GCDC team is currently planning our annual Spring 2021 Model UN Conference, virtual Model UN sessions and webinars, and a Professional Development with Best Delegate. We look forward to working with you all in the Spring. Whether it be hybrid or virtual, we are ready for 2021!

GCDC 2021

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