September 23, 2021
UNA-NCA is a bridge—between constituents and Congressional affiliates, between change and changemakers, and between global and local goals.

UNA-NCA’s advocacy work is underpinned by an enrichment and empowerment of local stakeholders and advocates seeking to advance the universal principles of rights and dignity for all persons, citing the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) as a framework for engagement and evaluation. Local partners and levels of government possess a uniquely advantageous flexibility and network to support advancement of SDGs at city-level; as such, cities across the United States have begun to assess the status of their local goals and social policies through the SDG framework.

Identifying, localizing, cataloguing, and analyzing the status of SDGs in the NCA offers an accessible barometer on the broad status of human rights and development. Furthermore, it elevates the visibility of the SDGs to constituents and partners across the region and presents an opportunity to bring renewed energy and attention towards the UN and its partners.

The Global Goals at Home initiative (1) catalogues holistic progress across Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia in achieving the Global Goals by localizing UN indicators as proxy measures at the state, county/ward, and Congressional District level; (2) identifies local stakeholder groups and policy recommendations that advance the SDGs; (3) will initiate an advocacy campaign centered around the SDGs.

The Dashboard is anticipated to launch in October 2021 and will coincide with a call to action to mobilize UNA-NCA members, stakeholders, and partners in favor of SDG-related initiatives.

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