November 3, 2021
UNA-NCA is committed to connecting members to global and local resources in support of Afghan refugees and the ongoing crisis. The mission of our organization is to bring global activism and policy change to the local level, and in doing so, build a stronger and unified world.

UNA-NCA, led by committee members, are calling members to action, asking for their pledge of commitment to assist refugees arriving from Afghanistan currently resettling across our communities as a result of the challenging political situation in the region.

Every UNA-NCA member is uniquely positioned to support Afghani refugees, whether it is by helping with setting up apartments, tutoring kids and adolescents who just arrived, helping individuals to prepare for job interviews, or donating toys, clothing and food.

How you can assist

Assistance can take many forms, and UNA-NCA calls on members to join our pledge and you can explore organizations and offer support through a coordinated hub website

Sign the Pledge and Tell us how you plan to help

To pledge your commitment to help Afghan refugees in your community, please click here.

What the UN is doing

The work of the United Nations agencies is imperative in providing needed supplies, health resources, education and ongoing long term support for refugees forced to leave Afghanistan. Here are a few ways the UN is acting to bolster the world’s resources and coordinate humanitarian assistance across the world.
  • The Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is offering ongoing support in vaccine distribution, education and relocation of refugees.
  • The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) continues work on resettlement and provides a snapshot of the U.S. refugee resettlement process.
  • The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) has a long standing operation in Afghanistan to provide health services to women and girls.

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