May 10, 2024
According to Article X of UNA-NCA’s bylaws, the Governance Committee of the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (UNA-NCA) will constitute itself in a Nominating Committee from time to time. The 2024 Nominating Committee, led by Board members Joi Edwards and Abbey Ogunwale, invites UNA-NCA members to submit names of candidates, including themselves, for vacant officer and at-large positions on the UNA-NCA Board of Directors.

UNA-NCA's bylaws stipulate that each member who has been in good standing for the preceding year should be given the opportunity to submit the name of any member in good standing for nomination for any vacant office or for membership on the Board of Directors. We invite your suggestions for nominees for the positions listed below. All nominations must be submitted to this form by the end of day on March 22, 2024.

The Nominating Committee seeks candidates that include, but are not limited to, stakeholders from corporate, philanthropic, government, foreign policy, international relations and academic leadership. UNA-NCA also invites nominations from individuals with backgrounds in Human Resources management and who have experience in the development of workplace policies, benefits, talent development, and retention.

The committee seeks nominees that will bring a diverse range of perspectives and represent attributes across many dimensions, including race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, education, socioeconomic class, and geographic region. Nominees must reside in UNA-NCA’s geographic jurisdiction (DC, Maryland, or northern Virginia). UNA-NCA seeks to create a balance of individuals on the Board of Directors who are already engaged with the organization (e.g. committee members and leaders, volunteers, supporters, etc.) and those who may be able to offer outside perspectives, experiences, and expertise.

After consideration by the Nominating Committee and voting on by UNA-NCA’s membership, the election results will be presented at the Annual Membership Meeting in June 2024.

Officers (two-year term, primary responsibilities and position descriptions listed in links below):

Advisory Council Chair
Vice Chair of Advocacy
Vice Chair of Development
Vice Chair of Membership and Volunteer Engagement
Vice Chair of Programs
Vice Chair and Secretary
Student Representative (one-year term)

Members-at-large of the Board of Directors (three-year term, primary responsibilities listed in section below): Up to 6 positions open

Primary Responsibilities

The Officers (UNA-NCA Executive Committee) meet every other month and are expected to commit 5-10 hours a week to the organization. The Officers and Directors-at-large are expected to attend and participate in Board of Directors meetings (minimum of four per year). To promote the health and safety of all, meetings of UNA-NCA’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors are currently being held virtually, with plans of returning to an in-person or hybrid meeting option as soon as it is safe to do so. Meetings alternate between lunchtime and late afternoon/early evening hours to be inclusive of individuals with varying schedules.

According to the bylaws, Board members define the strategic direction for UNA-NCA to fulfill financial and managerial oversight responsibilities, volunteer time to UNA-NCA Committees, recruit members, help to identify new funding sources, assist in fundraising, and make annual gifts that represent significant and meaningful commitment, with full appreciation for the person's financial ability and other obligations.

The Board has adopted an annual contribution policy of $500 ($200 from each Board member and $300 “give or get”). The policy enables every Board member to be recognized as a Global Citizen in the UNA-NCA Annual Report. Board participation and compliance with this policy will be taken into account by the Governance Committee.


Because UNA-NCA elects officers in alternating years, there are many positions in which the incumbent is either completing a term or can remain in office for another term if re-elected. Current members on our Board of Directors who are eligible for a second term are asked to complete the nomination form to confirm their continued interest in the position. For current members on our Board of Directors who are completing their second term, Article IV of our bylaws indicate:

“Any Board member who serves two full consecutive three-year terms shall be ineligible for reelection as an at-large member until a year has elapsed after expiration of the second three-year term unless that Board member is a member of the Executive Committee of the Organization. Any Board member who has served two consecutive three-year terms may be reelected to fill a position as an officer of the Organization.”

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