Program Director, B.A. Rudolph Foundation

Kristen Hecht joined UNA-USA in 2009 through its Council of Organizations, a coalition of nongovernmental organizations that share the common goals of making the American public more knowledgeable about global issues and strengthening the U.S.– UN relationship. Since then, she has been an active member of the National Capital Area chapter (UNA-NCA) by participating in its DC for CEDAW Committee, working in the UNA-NCA office as its Director of Membership and Programs, serving as a delegate to the sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, and participating in multiple speaking engagements on behalf of the organization.

Kristen has a background in nonprofit and membership management, with experience in the areas of organizational governance, program management, event planning, and communications. She currently works as program director for the B.A. Rudolph Foundation, an organization that champions the educational and professional development of women. Prior to her position at the B.A. Rudolph Foundation, Kristen worked at several different membership organizations of varying sizes (UNA-NCA with 3,000 members, volunteers, and supporters; Quota International with 6,000 members; and the American Physical Therapy Association with over 100,000 members), where she managed membership recruitment and retention efforts, governing bodies, program committees, and volunteers.

Kristen graduated from American University with a master’s degree in international politics and holds a Bachelor of Arts in international studies from the University of North Texas. Kristen moved to Washington, DC in 2007. Prior to that, she lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Michigan, and the Normandy region of France. In her free time, Kristen enjoys hiking, cycling, sailing, and traveling.

Vision Statement

Kristen's vision for UNA-NCA is a membership that is diverse, informed, and engaged. One of UNA-NCA’s unique assets is its multi-generational membership and programs, with over half of its members identifying as a student or young professional under the age of 40. There are opportunities to engage at all ages and career levels: Global Classrooms for students grades 5-12; the Graduate Fellows and Young Professionals Programs for college students and young professionals; Career Dinners for those wanting to gain advice on starting or transitioning their career; and program committees on issue-related topics for individuals at all levels. As Vice President of Membership and Volunteer Engagement, Kristen will actively work to ensure UNA-NCA recruits members from all backgrounds, that all members are welcomed and aware of the many program activities that UNA-NCA offers, and that members are engaged in the mission of the organization.

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